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Inspection and Repairs

Engine Services 

* We Provide Complete Services for Engines and Related Systems.

* Overhaul of Engine, Piston, Liner, Cylinder Cover, Fuel Injection Pump and Nozzle Etc. Reconditioning of Cylinder Covers, Piston Crowns and Rods, Exhaust Valves & Seats, Relief Valves

*We Can Cover Your Entire Work Scope Including Electrical and Pneumatic Equipment, Automation, Repair, Maintenance,Troubleshooting and Upgrades. *Repair& Maintenance of Items As Follow; Motor, Generator, A.V.R, Navigation & Gmdss Equipment, Crane &Winch Control, Auto Control System, Pneumatic System. All Kind of Electrical Trouble Shotting.

* Life raft, Life boat and Fire Fighting System Etc.

* Portable Gas Detectors

* Fixed Gas Detection System

* Breathalyser

* Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

* Escape Emergency Breathing Devices

* Chemical Protection Suits

* Temperature Measuring Instruments

* Pressure Measuring Instruments   

Electrical & Automation Services 
Safety Equipments
Calibration Service Listed Items
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